August 19, 2010

Journal-Sentinel endorses Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson has benefit of being "not crazy," sez editorializer
U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson isn’t crazy because he thinks sunspots may be causing climate change.
Don't these guys read their own paper?
"It's far more likely that it's just sunspot activity or just something in the geologic eons of time," [Ron Johnson] said.
"Just" being the operative word. It means: "Only."

Earlier: Ron Johnson — Auto exhaust helps the trees grow.

And what of Sun Spots Henrik Svensmark?

Climate Change: The Role of Flawed Science (.pdf; 3 pgs.)


xoff said...

RoJo was just talking generally, didn't hear the "climate" part of the question, and thought someone was asking him for spare change, which made him break out in sunspots.

Or else he never said that.

Or didn't mean it.

Or never talked to the Journal Sentinel.

Or never heard of that newspaper.

Your choice.

Display Name said...

As they say, RoJo is an amateur getting up to speed.

illusory tenant said...

I saw that. P. McIlheran was particularly impressed by Johnson's ability to follow wise counsel during his tour of the welding shop: "Don't look at the arc." "Instead," enthuses P-Mac, Johnson "peer[ed] inside a giant boom, which is what you and I would do, since we're curious and not looking for votes."

He's curious alright.

Display Name said...

He looked inside the giant boom because he knew there weren't any reporters in there.

Anonymous said...

chuckle norris is the legend, and my lover.