August 29, 2010

McIlheran now charging $97 to read his blogs

Get a load of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel funnyman Patrick McIlheran, dissembling frantically here. He says he's proven something or other (Greenland "was much nicer"?), all you have to do is go and read these links. Except the first two cost $31.50 a pop, the other $34.00. And don't just bring your cash, you better bring your advanced degree in solar physics, also.

Seriously, Patrick McIlheran expects anyone to believe he's actually read these articles? And never mind the physics, McIlheran can barely get past the arithmetic. McIlheran offers the 2003 Senate testimony of Tea Party activist Willie Soon,* a singular man who becomes "Harvard astrophysicists" in McIlheran's dark matter uniperverse.

It's hard to tell him from The Onion sometimes.

* Note the photo caption. McIlheran answered the call.

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