August 16, 2010

Ron Johnson's judicial heliology

[Ron Johnson] said he preferred justices who would strictly follow the Constitution in their rulings.
How would he know whether they were or not? Ron Johnson has admitted himself that he's barely even read the damn thing:
I will say, y'know, prior to doing this,* I've sat down and read the Constitution probably, thoroughly, three ... probably about five or six times. It is not an easy document to read. It is not, unless you study it in detail, it's hard to study. — Ron Johnson
[Ron Johnson] said he would have voted against both of President Obama's Supreme Court appointees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, as well as both appointees of President Clinton — Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
I would like to hear why, in detail. Did the J-S think of asking? Is it not significant that the imaginary Senator Ron Johnson would have attempted to block four of the last six Supreme Court appointees?

No other Senator has done that, but only because Jesse Helms didn't live long enough. So here we have this Ron Johnson receiving the torch from Jesse Helms; by God, it's the North Carolina of the North.

Did the J-S ask Johnson about Harriet Miers? Does Johnson think she's a "strict constructionist"? What about Justice Scalia, are his constructions to the appropriate degree strict (a highly effective b.s.-detector question)? If they asked, they didn't print the answers.

Sunspots are behind climate change, Ron Johnson says

How can people actually read this stuff and not laugh out loud. Or else how can they write it with a straight face.
Senate candidate Ron Johnson maturing quickly
Wisconsin State Journal, 08/01/10
* Answering Dick Morris's plea for a "rich guy from Wisconsin."

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maybe he thought breyer's ice cream was too fattening.