August 16, 2010

Scott Walker's favorite HotAir commenter

@ScottKWalker #believeinjillbader
Hey, remember when two of Scott Walker's top communications directors giddily repurposed some indigenous Miami Bass-style R&B boogying-on-down as Obama's response to critics of a proposed rail link in Wisconsin? "Ha!" they tweeted, and retweeted they, "Ha!"

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker's communications directors, Michael Brickman and Jill Bader, derived their jollies from ted c, a commenter at the low-rent conservative blog,, of which the Walker gang is undoubtedly assiduous disciples. Stephanie Findley of the WisDems' Black Caucus caught out the Walker endorsement and her objection was reproduced by Time magazine.

Then Jill Bader claimed she'd retweeted a link to the funkay YouTube video clip only by accident. What she really thought she was linking to was the HotAir blog post, and not ted c's comment directly, and oh no, certainly not the YouTube link embedded in ted c's comment.

Even though what she was presented with, by Brickman, was a Twitter post that read (it's since been disappeared):
Ha! @hotair blog commenter: Pres. Obama's response to @ScottKWalker's #railfail #believeinwi
So Jill Bader, the communications director for the leading Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor (that's Scott Walker's hashmarked official slogan, "believeinwi") actually expects you to believe that she doesn't know the difference between a blog post and a comment to a blog post. That alone strains credulity. As anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the internets clearly understands, the disparity in intellectual quality between blog post writing and blog commenting often, uh, varies widely. We all know the difference.

Then Jill Bader further expects you to believe she thought that a URL containing the hypertext protocol was in fact a link to a blog post at http://hotair. I don't know which you're supposed to swallow: either of those ridiculous expectations, or the fact that she's the communications director for an actual gubernatorial candidate.

Finally Jill Bader — the professional communications director — expects you to believe she's basically just reposting links to various internets locations without checking what those links lead to. And as for "Ha!" and "Ha!" again, there's nothing particularly funny about the HotAir blog post Bader claims she thought she was linking to.

Quite plainly, Jill Bader's ramshackle apologetics are preposterous.

Interestingly, ted c had written "the administration" in his comment but Walker's man Michael Brickman decided for some reason to change that to the more personally specific, "Obama."

Then a little further down the HotAir comments thread, ted c resurfaces to shout "NICE!!!!" at another contributor's providing a link to a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama's posterior, which the photo's host tells us makes him want to throw up.

And there, again, much hilarity ensues.

It's useful to know what manner of drek the Walker campaign's top communications directors are frying their brains with every morning.

Now, were the Walker staffers being "racialist"? Give them the benefit of the doubt and say, No. But are Jill Bader's squirming rationalizations utterly impossible to believe? Unquestionably, Yes.

eta: "@jillbader Sorry. I saw the Soul Train tweet and I don't believe it was a mistake. Not for a second." — Eugene Kane

Seriously. Who would. Scott Walker maybe?

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