August 24, 2010

King for Wisconsin Secretary of Jesus

Via Milwaukee News Buzz:
[Milwaukee pastor "Apostle" David King*] also wants to use [the Wisconsin secretary of state's office] as a platform for community outreach. The outreach, however, would be done by expanding God Squad. King denied that such a plan would constitute an intrusion of religion into government.
Hang on just a second:
Milwaukee God Squad Mission Statement: Milwaukee God Squad is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes. Our goal shall be met by its taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
So the Milwaukee God Squad's mission is exclusively religious, and its goal is met when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is brought to the world.

Nope, no First Amendment difficulties whatsoever.**

* Apostle King is also among those parties who recently obtained a writ of injunction against the State Government Accountability Board, despite the issuing court having yet to find jurisdiction over the case, a constructively miraculous happenstance in and of itself.

** If your name is Clarence Thomas (who I admit may have a point).

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