August 10, 2010

Prof. Rick's top secret briefs

Our good friend John Foust has been trying to read law professor Rick Esenberg's "Americans For Prosperity" legal memorandum, but he doesn't know Esenberg's official e-mail password.

In fairness, Prof. Rick's careless haste is understandable. These are hectic times for all three of the local elite conservative intelligentsia.


Display Name said...

Isn't it nice that Marquette has the academic freedom to allow their teachers to use their official email and postal addresses to engage in a little politics now and then, as needed and as demanded by the lunch-giving grey-hairs at the Bradley Foundation and AFP?

illusory tenant said...

I believe has since tidied up the Appling v. Doyle postal address "gaffe." At whose direction and behest are unknown to this writer.