August 31, 2010

Ron Johnson: What a concept, huh?

Item: Ron Johnson company saved a cool million in state bond deals

RON JOHNSON: Now of course liberals will try and shut these people [in wing-talk radio] up. They'll do everything in their power to shut these people up. So it will be our job to make sure the liberals don't succeed. Y'know [applause] ... the one really big difference between liberals and conservatives? Is we conservatives actually believe in free speech [applause]. What a concept, huh? Liberals only talk about free speech to gain power. Because they hunger for power over people. We conservatives, we simply want to be left alone [Yeah! applause]. — 04/15/10*

"United States Senate candidate Ron Johnson regularly criticizes government subsidies to businesses, saying the financial help interferes with the free market." — Associated Press, 08/26/10

* Americans For [State Subsidies In Aid Of] Prosperity Rally, Madison.

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