August 30, 2010

Priebus: Please stop talking about Ron Johnson

For real, stop it youse guys!

After all, Ron Johnson (R-Qaqortoq) is only the WISGOP's presumptive Establishment Choice as candidate for U.S. Senate.*
WISGOP CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS: People in Wisconsin are sick and tired of ... career politicians like [indentured Republicans Scott Walker and F. James Sensenbrenner and Mitch McConnell and ...] ...
Watch the whole thing, it's kind of sad. The WISGOP owns Ron Johnson now, so Reince Priebus and the rest of its teevee spokesmodels had better come to grips with his parade of inanities.

Indeed, things are getting so bad lately for the WISGOP's fair-haired boy that even WISGOP Chairman Reince Priebus has taken to campaigning for Democratic Senator Russ Feingold:
WISGOP CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS: [Democrats] know that the real issue is we don't want to axe thousands of jobs chasing after carbon and cap'n tax and chase jobs out of Wisconsin over a theory that is unproven [sic].
Huh. Via WisBusiness dot com, 09/08/09:
"I'm not signing onto any [cap and trade] bill that rips off Wisconsin," Senator Feingold declared, arguing the bill's mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions could put the coal-dependent Badger State at an economic disadvantage compared to other regions and nations.
WISGOP teevee spokesmodels FTW.

* Dick Morris, concurring.

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