August 10, 2010

McIlheran wanders off the reserve

J-S All Politics Blog:
"Despite his misleading rhetoric, the truth is that Russ Feingold’s 18-year anti-gun record in Washington has earned him failing grades from Second Amendment organizations," said a spokesman for the GOP group, Chris Bond.
Patrick McIlheran:
Feingold also curries at least the neutrality of voters for whom the Second Amendment is a top issue, earning good ratings from the NRA — an important metric in a State bristling with deer rifles.
They can't both be right, but they're both about as trustworthy.


Jim said...

NRA "grades and endorsements" are only available online for NRA members.

Seems like they would want votes for "their" candidates whether you paid dues or not...

illusory tenant said...

I don't believe there's much disputing Feingold's amply documented 2A cred, no matter what the NRA thinks. Ron Johnson committed some massive blunders at his Tea Party tête-à-tête, that "licenses and stuff" business being among the worst.