August 20, 2010

Now having repented of that ...

The Brew City Brawler reckons professor of law Rick Esenberg should repent for his own local wing-nut buddies in the first instance, before he gets to calling on New York City's Lower Manhattan Muslim community leaders to incorporate a message of repentance ... it's not made clear where. Spelled out in ceramic tile at the bottom of the swimming pool perhaps (the original Cordoban Moors liked to decorate that way). Esenberg begins promisingly, notes the Brawler, but that turns out to be just an extended, boilerplate throat clearing.

Then comes the professor's kind offer to accept Muslim confession.

Said Esenberg and fellow conservative intellectual Patrick McIlheran's favorite amusingly deranged sexagenarian Dad29: "The Islamics will never voluntarily leave a Christian or Jewish state behind them."

Although, "the Islamics" may enter into a lease-purchase option agreement with the New York State Public Service Commission.

All terms and conditions subject to Shari'a dispensations, PBRH.

John Cale — Cordoba

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