August 16, 2010

Scott Walker aide can't read a YouTube link

Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker's communications director, to be precise, doesn't recognize a YouTube link.

She says she thought "" was a link to a blog post at Sorry, but nobody seriously believes that.*

Least of all coming from the communications director for a Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate. She knows the internets is a series of tubes.

Communications director Jill Bader and "working in communications for @scottkwalker" Michael Brickman have since deleted their "tweets" but naturally they both live on in screen captures.

Someone told me today that a local reporter didn't find Scott Walker's campaign staffers' Soul Train shenanigans newsworthy. But the staffers themselves must have found them newsworthy, otherwise they wouldn't have tried to (unsuccessfully) cover their tracks.

* IOW, B.S.

eta: Evidently TIME's Mark Halperin found it newsworthy.



Anonymous said...

Here comes the "if they did it" comment, but what the hell.

If something like this (unimaginable) happened out of the Barrett campaign, Sykes would be beating this like a rented mule, and then the MKE JS would dutifully pick it up.

What liberal media?

illusory tenant said...