August 24, 2010

Charlie Sykes has no photo of Tim Russell in pants

Odd, when our friend capper's work computer was "seized" a couple of months ago, the local medium-wave hominid Charlie Sykes immediately soiled himself, his tiny cadre of wing-nut bloggers drooled their approval, and even the righteous professor of law Richard Esenberg composed a sternly cautionary admonishment.

Yet when aide to Scott Walker Tim Russell's Milwaukee County work computer is likewise seized — crickets. Perhaps they're waiting for all of the facts to come out, as is their traditionally practiced wont.

Yes. That must be it.


Ron R said...

You should call Charlie and ask him how he got the soiled stains out of his pants. From the tone of your posts I think you need the help. said...

chirp. chirp. chirp.

illusory tenant said...

Ron: I guess you had to be there.