August 17, 2010

WISGOP de-authorizes Ron Johnson gaffe-fest

When a WisOpinion reporter asked Ron Johnson if he would drill for oil in the Great Lakes, Ron Johnson replied, Yeah, we've got to get the oil where it is. Later, Ron Johnson claimed he hadn't heard the question. When a Tea Party group requested Ron Johnson's views on the Second Amendment, Ron Johnson said he would like to license firearms exactly like they do with cars and stuff. Later, Ron Johnson claimed he'd merely chosen the incorrect terms to describe his support for concealed carry.*

And only hours after Ron Johnson told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that global warming is most likely caused just by floating sun spots and that centuries of continually increasing burning of the Earth's carbon helped the trees to grow, he hired a new press secretary.**

Now, as Xoff notes, the WISGOP has found an easier way out.

* So unconscionably depraved a non sequitur that it nullifies any points Ron Johnson had accrued for uttering what is easily the best line of the campaign, 'Atlas Shrugged is not long enough.'

** Communications directors, as they are known in hifalutin circles.

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