August 30, 2010

Patrick McIlheran: Greenland "was much nicer"

Here's an excerpt from one of the links the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's resident professor of advanced solar physics Patrick McIlheran doesn't require you to pay 100 bucks just to read:
Greenland is warming twice as fast as most of the world.* Satellite measurements show that its vast ice sheet, which holds nearly 7 percent of the world's fresh water, is shrinking by about 50 cubic miles each year. The melting ice accelerates the warming — newly exposed ocean and land absorb sunlight that the ice used to reflect into space. If all of Greenland's ice melts in the centuries ahead, sea level will rise by 24 feet, inundating coastlines around the planet.
And if you didn't know any better, you'd swear that was The Great Goreacle Himself speaking. The foregoing is actually presented in defense of Fox News/Republican candidate Ron Johnson's climate change denialism. Only McIlheran could screw up partisan hack-work.

NatGeo: Erik's bold-faced marketing worked (as was noted already).

* How does that fact fit in with the sunspots theory: Is the invisible hand of the market lobb[y]ing its solar flares directly at Qaqortoq?

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