August 23, 2010

Conservatives upset with RINO Ron Johnson

'The Senate is not an entry-level job.' ― Erick Erickson
Via RedState (that would be Erick Erickson's website):
I have to wonder what the Republican Party of Wisconsin was thinking when they endorsed a candidate [Ron Johnson] who they didn't know, who didn't know where he stood on the issues, and who is clearly not as intelligent as one would expect from a U.S. Senator who is supposed to make decisions on our behalf. (Anyone see his comment on Greenland ... being named Greenland because it used to be "green"?)
Replies a Ron Johnson supporter:
On guns, permits are a State issue.
Not since McDonald v. City of Chicago they aren't.

Apparently Fox News/Republican Ron Johnson's followers are as constitutionally out-to-lunch as is their preferred candidate.

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