August 17, 2010

Walker's inner Cornelius breaking now at the J-S

The video was a clip of African-American dancers singing, "C'mon, Get on the Train," from the old "Soul Train" television series.
No it wasn't, it was a WHPR 88.1 FM joint. It was simply more effectively communicative to call it "Soul Train-style" and ensure pop culture* recognition. And the tune is C'mon N' Ride It (The Train), which isn't really talking about choo choo trains at all, truth be told.

It shouldn't be hard for newspaper reporters to fact-check on the local yokel blogs posted 24 hours before they write their stories.

It's as if this reporter never watched the video at the heart of this "controversy." Or else he might have noticed a distinct lack of Don Cornelius. And the story is not so much the complaint as the Scott Walker communications director's credulity-elasticizing response.

One more thing: dancers dance. That was Quad City DJs singing.

* Or pop Kulturkampf, as it were.

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