August 30, 2010

Ron Johnson's latest flip: Teaching creationism

'Oh, I thought he was asking about job creationism.'

[Ron Johnson] said he has never encouraged teaching creationism in schools ...
Is that so:
Rock River Patriot: Do you think that if the community decides that in their school system or district they want to allow creationism as well as evolution to be taught that they should be allowed to do that.

Ron Johnson: Yes! That's what local control [is] ...
Sure sounded an awful lot like encouragement to me.

YouTube, question at 2:59. Yet another one Ron Johnson didn't hear?

Continues Johnson:
I do not, I absolutely do not believe the federal government should be dictating curriculum.
That's all well and good. But the problem arises when the local curricula run afoul of the First Amendment's Religion Clauses.

You might persuade Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, but I wouldn't bet money — not even a $75K federal grant — on the others.

If I was Ron Johnson, I'd be more careful with the "absolutely's." Or stick to your guns and make the argument, otherwise pretty soon you're sounding much like the "career politicians" you're constantly inveighing against. And that can't play well with the undecideds.

Just trying to help.

By the way, does hand out awards? Because I'd like to nominate the Rock River Patriots for this treasury trove of pure gold.

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