August 23, 2010

Scott Walker scandal is imminent

Notes Jay Bullock, inter alia. That should be entertaining.
Chris "capper" Liebenthal wasn't blogging. Anyone who says he was is committing a pretty serious libel. Given that Mike Maistelman is still Chris's attorney, I'd be careful what you say.
I don't know about that. In Wisconsin, we have a Supreme Court justice who reportedly got away with lying under cover of "political speech," so conservatives probably don't have all that much to fear.

"Political speech" needn't be true. That's the Supreme Court rule.

Truth is for chumps.

eta: Authorities seize computer of Walker aide — Daniel Bice
Whatever it might be, Walker said he can't be considered out of touch for not knowing that one of his aides had his computer seized as part of a criminal probe.
Bice doesn't say whether Scott Walker's denial was in response to a question, or if it was just something that Scott Walker volunteered.

And there it is again: "extensive political blogging."

As in, reading Dan Bice's column? One day we may find out.

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