July 1, 2008

WMC apologist quote of the week

Early on in the most recent Supreme Court race, WMC put Justice Louis Butler in its sights simply because he had demonstrated a taste for judicial activism, particularly aimed at the business liability [sic].
Which is why WMC's ad campaign concentrated on — and falsely portrayed, at the expense of the U.S. Constitution by distorting its system of justice — Butler's record in adjudicating criminal appeals.

Judith Faulkner owes success to WMC.

So, let's see. You deliberately distort a respected judge's record in criminal cases when you don't care for his dispositions in civil ones, and one day Wisconsin is America's tax hell and its "Alabama North" and the next it's the best environment for companies like Epic Systems to thrive in. I guess you have to get pretty deep down in the free market think tank to come up with stuff like that, thus the attendant confusion and memory loss is understandable.


Anonymous said...

Judy Faulkner is one feisty ball of independence

High praise coming from a cocksure bundle of Ziegenpocken.

grumps said...

I idn't get real deep into George's screed. His misrepresentation in the first graph of Faulkner's decision led into a tacit admission that WMC "orchestrated" Gableman's victory and then he just sort of went on a ramble.

What is Lightbourn's position at this Think Tank? Does he clean the filter now that Jess Bucher seems to have parted ways with all them other deep thinkers?

illusory tenant said...

What is Lightbourn's position at this Think Tank? Does he clean the filter?

Sort of.

Scot1and said...


Have you seen the latest judicial activism from WMC's allies on the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

Below v. Norton, was released today. Again, it's the conservative justices engaging in the activism. Today they overturned a century of Wisconsin case law and held that judge-made law barred claims of intentional fraud.

I discuss the decision on my blog:


Will WMC pay for another Esenberg video to praise Abrahamson's judicial conservatism in joining the dissent to Below, or are claims of judicial activism solely political?

Am I the only conservative that can see that our high court has been sold to WMC and the insurance companies? Boy, can't I wait to have Gableman's wisdom to guide our state.


illusory tenant said...

I hadn't, thanks.