July 9, 2008

Couldn't have said it better myself

Although I'm sure that I did, many times over, in much greater detail.

Because this is not a conservative blog, I generally don't simply copy and paste giant swaths of text from other sources, but this merits an exception. From an editorial in today's Capital Times:
WMC's ugly meddling in last April's Supreme Court race between Michael Gableman and Louis Butler was simply a blunt and relatively immediate example of its slash-and-burn approach to both Wisconsin politics and Wisconsin's future.

Butler was, by every measure, the more qualified candidate. He was supported by Republicans and Democrats, prosecutors, sheriffs and local judges. He won the lion's share of newspaper endorsements. Why? Because Butler was a balanced and responsible jurist, like the majority of those who have been elected to the highest court by Wisconsin voters.

Butler was of, by and for the Wisconsin tradition of independent judges who serve the people rather than special-interest masters, and WMC attacked him for that.

WMC wanted — and needed — a justice who would act not as a free-thinking and responsible man of the law but as a rubber stamp for the self-serving agenda.

They found what they wanted in Michael Gableman. And they played their part in the foul campaign that narrowly elected one of the least-qualified and least-respected justices in state history.
The Epic officials added, "This is an ethical decision, not a political decision."

There is no reason to doubt the correctness of this statement, or its sincerity.
That's right, there isn't. But that won't deter any number of fabricators from imagining and opining otherwise.

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