July 18, 2008

Their Satanic Creationist's Request

J. Shallit: I've been contacted by some cretin named Bill Crofut, who proclaims himself "an unlettered Traditional Roman Catholic, militant young-Earth Biblical creationist and geocentrist." Crofut proffered a quote by Birch and Ehrlich from a 1967 Nature article as evidence against evolution. Only problem is, the quote was stripped of context and is a well-known quote mine. When confronted with the evidence of his misrepresentation, Crofut told me he was "a son of Satan."

E. Knight: ...Crofut told me he was "a son of Satan."
Clarification: He said he was, or you are, a son of Satan?

J. Shallit: No, he said he was.

h/t: Recursivity.

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