July 25, 2008

Desperate plus gullible plus feckless

Conservatives seem to be growing increasingly desperate to attack Barack Obama's appearance in Berlin yesterday. Something called Moonbattery.com thinks its discovered a Soviet-era government propaganda poster and wants its mouth-breathing acolytes to believe that an Obama flyer advertising his Berlin speech is modeled after it.

The Obama flyer shows the candidate in part-profile facing some angled text. The problem for the real moonbats (the conservative ones) is that whomever was desperate enough to attempt the comparison in the first place had to cut the original Russian poster in half to try and force it to even remotely resemble the Obama design:

Here's a larger version. Not even close.

And it's not exactly even "Soviet-era," either. A friend of mine with advanced degrees in Russian studies confirms that the poster dates from the late 1980s' days of Perestroika and is communicating state support for the INF Treaty. Here's a contemporary photo of conservative saint Ronald Reagan communicating support for it also:

Or do the moonbats at Moonbattery.com actually believe that the October 1917 Revolution was accomplished with neutron bombs?

Needless to say, a number of the local Wisconsin conservative moonbats have swallowed this pathetic fakery hook, lyin', and sickle.

This guy has a lot of Russian and other posters for sale at his website, some of which really are Soviet-era government propaganda. But apart from a couple of them employing angled text, none of them resemble the Obama Berlin flyer in the slightest.

If anything, and as others have already pointed out, Obama's team most likely produced a nod to Bauhaus, a design movement that originated in post-WWI Germany, which is where Berlin is.

"How eerie," says Moonbattery.com's source for the laughably inept hatchet job, "Is the Obama campaign so stupid it cannot see how bad all this has become?"

The proper question is, are Obama's detractors really this stupid.

Meanwhile, have a look at John McCain's "Peace is Born of Wisdom" campaign poster, which not only features the partial-profile graphic device, but McCain's giant head is actually floating toward Heaven amid an arrangement of cumulus clouds, as if by Rapture. Yet the McCainiacs insist on facetiously referring to Obama as the "Messiah."

Paging Dr. Krauthammer — there's derangement afoot.

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Emily said...

I saw the flier over at the always delightful B&S and my first thought was "What on Earth could their beef with this possibly be?"

Thanks for handily (and easily) dissembling that particular line of bullshit.