July 26, 2008

McCain, GOP expelled from visible universe

John McCain may not have achieved Barack Obama's widely touted "Messiah" status, but, like another Messiah, the Kingdom he seeks to rule is apparently not of this world. Cries the presumptive Republican nominee in his weekly radio lamentation to the outcast disciples:
With all the breathless coverage from abroad, and with Senator Obama now addressing his speeches to the people of the world, I'm starting to feel a little left out.

Maybe you are too.
McCain 18:36.
Tonight, we declare anew to our fellow citizens of the world: Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few; it is the universal right of all God's children.
Reagan 19:85.

Goodness, how could John McCain have occupied his Congressional pew for 20 years and missed that State of the Union Sermon.

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