July 30, 2008

Dear Charlie Sykes

A little birdie told me that Charlie Sykes, Milwaukee's famed medium wave conservative talk show host, was planning on "discussing" my insignificant little blog this morning on his popular radio programme.

I'm honored and humbled, as they say, but at the same time I'm practically certain something will end up woefully garbled, I'll likely be made to say something I never said, or else he'll just miss the point entirely. Maybe even all three. It happens to the best of us.

Such is conservative talk radio, in my experience.

However, I will say this: Do keep reading, and please take care not to break the hit counter! And I'm happy to be of service to whatever point you're trying to make, whether it makes any sense or not.

"While stating that he was disappointed in [Michael] Savage, there would be no way he would ever condone censorship or limiting anyone's free speech ... as he was cutting off and hanging up on a liberal caller that was disproving his arguments."


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