July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Celebrate your favorite Canadians.

I choose Joni Mitchell and The Band (save Levon Helm, who came from Arkansas with Ronnie Hawkins, but we'll let him hang out).



Jennifer Rouan said...

I choose you. You're Canadian, right?

illusory tenant said...

I choose you.

Aw, thanks.

You're Canadian, right?

Not much anymore. I don't even remember what happened on July 1.

Jennifer Rouan said...

I bet most Americans don't know what happened on July 4, either.

illusory tenant said...

That was the day General Isaac Brock defeated the armies of James Madison at Detroit, right?

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day to you too, IT!

We had a neighbourhood brunch today, waffles and back bacon in the shade, wearing our various incarnations of Team Canada sweaters (mine: the 1972 away jersey). I played softball with the kids before breakfast, soccer before brunch, and rode my bike this afternoon. Tonight we'll drink some wine, ride uptown to see the fireworks, and get home late.

If there's any more to July 1 than that, I can't think of it.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks. Yvan Cournoyer it is, then. A fine choice.

Mike Plaisted said...

Neil Young, without a doubt. Joni, definitely. Eric Gagne? Not this year.

illusory tenant said...

Whew, I thought you were going to say David Frum or Mark Steyn. David Frum's mother, Barbara Frum, on the other hand, was a great Canadian.

capper said...

5) William Shatner

4) Neil Young

3) Dan Akroyd

2) Illy-T

1) Dudley Do-Right

Tom McMahon said...

Are you people all nuts? Bob and Doug MacKenzie, by a mile!

illusory tenant said...

Apparently there's a Bob and Doug cartoon in the works (capper told me about it).

Back when SCTV was on NBC, I think it was, I could never figure out how people in, say, California could possibly get the joke, those characters are so typically and idiosyncratically Canadian.

They really did used to build furniture out of cases of beer (maybe they still do, I don't know).

I wonder if Rush played "Take Off" at Summerfest last week.

Anonymous said...

"Yvan Cournoyer it is, then."

Well, I guess I was aiming to implicate the whole team, but you're right to focus a bit. Henderson, at least, has become an insufferable evangelizing prig, Cashman was a psycho, and Clark was a thug. So, let's pick out a few of the classier acts:

The Espositos
Gilbert Pereault
Ken Dryden
Jean Ratelle
Dennis Hull
Marcel Dionne

3rd Way said...

To celebrate Canada day I use as many "hosers" and "ehs" as I can.

Steve Nash should make Canada proud.

Tom said...

As an Islanders fan, I have to go with Denis Potvin.

illusory tenant said...

After Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was killed in a car accident, Rangers fans were known to chant at the visiting Islanders, "Buy a Porsche Potvin, Buy a Porsche. *thump thump*" [Repeat]

Tom said...

Rangers fans (with perhaps the exception of my sister) are some of the worst. It must come from playing in The Garden. Maybe one day they'll move to New Jersey.

illusory tenant said...

Certainly the rudest. Leafs fans used to be pretty bad, back when they were in the doldrums. I was at a Leafs game in the mid-80s; they were playing the Calgary Flames.

The Leafs were up 6-0 and the Flames came back to win, believe it or not, 7-6 in overtime.

With each successive Flames goal, the Leafs fans cheered louder. When the overtime winner came, you'd have thought the Leafs had just won the Stanley Cup.

Other Side said...

This baseball fan whose favorite player for years was Canadian-born Larry Walker.