July 25, 2008

First down and ten Hitlers to go

Ben Stein, the professional jackanapes who starred in an entire "documentary" devoted to blaming Charles Darwin for the rise of Nazi Germany, is at it again, this time playing the Hitler card on Barack Obama because the candidate is planning on speaking at Denver's Invesco Field during the Democratic National Convention:
That is not the way we do things in political parties in the United States of America. We have a contained number of people in an arena. Seventy-five-thousand people at an outdoor sports palace, well, that's something the Fuehrer would have done. And I think whoever is advising Senator Obama to do this is bringing up all kinds of very unfortunate images from the past.
Yes, Ben Stein, it truly is unfortunate that Obama's advisers have brought up images of the Fuehrer. And likewise that noted Obama adviser Glenn Beck immediately brought up Mussolini in reply.

Invesco Field is also home to the Denver Brünshirts of the National Socialism Futböl League. And John Elway has been rumored to sell used Volkswagens at his Toyota dealership.

Follow this link from the National Post item for more Obama/Nazi derangement. At some point, do these people ever get embarrassed by this nonsense? Never mind, rhetorical question.


Inconstant Reader said...

Ben Stein has long since proved himself a stranger to embarrassment, or shame for that matter. He hit his low point when he had himself filmed weeping at Dachau over Darwin's sins; this Obama remark is just him coasting.

illusory tenant said...

he had himself filmed weeping at Dachau over Darwin's sins

Good lord, is that a scene from Expelled? I'll have to wait and see when the MPL acquires the DVD, as I wouldn't put a penny into these buffoons' pockets.