July 10, 2008

Phil Gramm thrown under imaginary bus

Texas Senator unwelcome even in Minsk, says McCain.

At least Phil Gramm didn't have the recreational urologist Jesse Jackson coming at him with a pair of hedge clippers.

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Anonymous said...

I was actually glad to see Phil Gramm named as a prominent advisor to the McCain campaign, because in addition to physically resembling a snapping turtle, he has the personality of one (h/t Molly Ivins); it was only a matter of time before he said some mean-spirited and insolent.

We're used to his boorish pronouncements here in Texas. Hell, it's what passes for political discourse in the Texas Republican Party.

It's no real surprise that McCain tapped Gramm as an economic advisor--he was an economics professor at Texas A&M, and he came up with a lot of the hands-off policies that allowed Enron to become such a huge success before it flamed out so spectacularly.