July 29, 2008

This is your brain on Sykes

He finds this amusing, apparently. Not that it matters, since it isn't directed at people like him anyway. Of course he can mock their alleged naïveté as much as he likes, because they're not even listening to him. They probably haven't even heard of him.

But they've heard of Dick Cheney, and that's the main thing.

On balance, I think I'll take MoveOn.org's hopeful, idealistic audience over one that contains a man with a head full of Sykes's medium wave colleagues and fellow travelers Michael Savage and Sean Hannity who thinks all liberals should be killed and fires a sawed-off shotgun into a children's performance of Annie at a Unitarian church.

To be sure, Jim Adkisson's demographic is far more likely to vote than the much younger one that recognizes "C-list celebrities," yet there's little question that Sykes is holding out some "hope" of his own: that the latter group doesn't vote at all this November.

Because if Obama's ability to turn out the younger demographic during the primaries is any indication of their intent to get it on November 4, then Sykes is hoping against hope, as they say, and may be even more naïve than those he mocks. It's almost sad, in a way.


Jim said...

Sykes just read you on the radio!!! He's such a tool! Your points are much more cogent than his chronic bogeyman arguments and unenlightened diatribe!

Besides, I can never take someone seriously who obviously still has lasting resentment from always being picked last to play sports in middle school.

Way to go!!!

illusory tenant said...

Thanks, you hopeful idealist, you.