July 15, 2008

Top Secret Casey Luskin Award

Looks like it's a big day for Casey Luskin. An award in his name was presented. But they won't tell you who won, only that it's "a graduate earning a degree in history." A high school graduate, presumably.

It's important to keep such bright young minds "out of the crosshairs," says the press release, which contains a suitably perfunctory proclamation that the award was bestowed for "great courage." Much like Casey Luskin himself, who has repeatedly demonstrated great courage in the face of public embarrassment by dint of his remarkably stoic imperviousness to the same.

So it's safe to say that the anonymous beneficiary didn't revolutionize science by discovering a Precambrian rabbit or anything like that. But she or he did win an autographed copy of Michael Behe's mostly contentless* book, The Edge of Evolution, and one Ben Franklin.

* I take that back; this one's got his autograph in it.

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