July 21, 2008

Nobody stirs the fondue like Plaisted

"Thug" is the new N-Word.

You have to follow the links to determine the source of the controversy (James Rowen never called anybody a racist, incidentally, so why he's supposed to apologize for something he didn't say is anyone's guess) but the funniest bit so far* is critical-thinker-for-hire Brian Fraley howling about "intimidation" and vowing not to be "silenced" by phantasmagorial bugaboos.

It's a familiar refrain and a local conservative favorite.

* Next to the argumentum ad schickelgruber, of course.

Earlier: I prefer "ruffian."


krshorewood said...

Plaisted does a great job of throwing sinkers right over the plate that the right wing attempts to swing at -- and miss.

Other Side said...

I got the feeling, reading boy-Fraley's comment, that he thought he was channeling the Rev. King.

Too bad the channel was turned to the Michael Savage.

Plaisted really is the best.