July 26, 2008

Clean Spank Wisconsin

You read the Constitution, it says people have unalienable rights guaranteed to them by God.
No, it doesn't, but anyway:
I have a God-given right to raise my child as I see fit, without the government coming in, telling me what I can do.

And we actually use a little physical discipline on our children. My boy occasionally will get a spanking for willfully disobeying, you know, the rules that we have laid down.

He's not supposed to stick his finger up his, um, [gesturing] sister's butt [more gesturing]. He can stick his finger in there, he's not supposed to [laughter]. If he does that, if he does that, he will be penalized by getting a spanking.
Tom Reynolds on Fingers, Butts, and Spanking.


Jennifer Rouan said...

Was I supposed to be turned on by that?

illusory tenant said...

Why, are you disappointed?