July 22, 2008

All thugs are innocent until proven guilty

Behold, The Thug Report.
Q. Why do you only show black criminals? A. If you are asking this, you just picked the wrong day to visit.
Then today is most definitely the wrong day to visit.


Other Side said...

Yeah, I'd be convinced if the page didn't show pix going back more than three weeks and not one white person.

No one can tell me there is not a racial angle to the use of this word, especially in this area.

Display Name said...

I saw two non-black guys in there, as long as you don't start getting picky about some one-drop rule.

Today the B&K Blogger asks if "fro" was a regular word before it was a thug hairstyle, and if the apostrophe belongs at the front or the back. I think not at all, but that's just me.