July 12, 2008

Vote for Obama

Because then, Stephen Baldwin will flee the country.

But seriously, here is a highly entertaining set of observations from Chez Pazienza about the blog Gawker.com and its associated "personalities," including one Emily Gould, the object of a recent and cringeworthy confessional in The New York Times Magazine.
For a moment, I couldn't help but think that being told you're too much of a prick to work at Gawker is like being told you're too gay to audition for the lead in Torch Song Trilogy.
Best of all, however, is Jimmy Kimmel's deft (and perhaps too easy) evisceration of Emily Gould on Larry King Live, which is embedded at the conclusion of Chez Pazienza's tour de farce.
Jimmy Kimmel: So people are out and they have their cellphones, they can send a little message to you and say, 'I just saw Gwyneth Paltrow at the movies' and that way, when Gwyneth Paltrow comes out of the movies, there could be at least a dozen psychopaths waiting for her.
Here it is, direct from YouTube (5:29).


Anonymous said...

Edroso made some trenchant yet sympathetic observations about Gould. And the facts of the Jezebelites' night out are in some dispute.

Gawker used to be quite interesting. It revolved around founding editor Liz Spiers, relatively fresh off the bus from Alabama. She was ostensibly out to ruffle the feathers of soi distant Heathers in the New York media, and it was hilarious when she managed to get their goat. But that was just a front. The real dramatic tension - the meta - was maintaining her bright-eyed idealism against the relentless Manhattan Suck, apparent in her love-hate relationship with Spy sellouts Kurt Andersen and Graydon Carter.

And then Denton, that prick, ruined it all by making the site truly vicious and exploitative. The joke's on everyone now: the gossipees, the readers, and most of all the writers.

illusory tenant said...

"[Moe Tcacik] is, without exception, the best and most interesting writer working today, at least in America." — Spencer Ackerman

Good grief. To each his own, I guess. Roy Edroso, on the other hand, is a pretty exceptional writer.