May 28, 2008

Uzi had a very busy Tuesday

Not the storied Israeli submachine gun, but Uzi Aharon, the deputy mayor of a town near Tel Aviv, reports the Jerusalem Post:
In the morning, a story ran on how he organized to retrieve and burn hundreds of New Testaments given to Ethiopian Jews in his city by local messianic Jews. By 9 a.m. he was on an Army Radio news-talk show defending his actions, which he called "purging the evil among us."

At 10:30 he was on a morning news show saying that Ethiopian immigrants were being encouraged to go against Judaism by messianic Jews.

But by the early afternoon he had already been interviewed by Russian, Italian and French TV, explaining to their highly offended audiences back home how he had not meant for the Bibles to be burned, and trying to undo the damage caused by the news (and photographs) of Jews burning New Testaments.

But then he also told The Associated Press that he didn't condemn the Bible burning, calling it a "commandment."
Uzi sounds more conflicted than the Jews for Jesus he's battling against. Local authorities are to investigate the possible violation of two Israeli laws intended to prevent people from inciting religious violence. I guess you would need those in "The Holy Land."

In other Messianic Jew news, Connecticut wankee Joseph I. Lieberman is scheduled for a July Kibbutz with John McCain's "crazy" pastor, John Hagee. The countdown to Armageddon continues.

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Anonymous said...

good details added....would like to know if the bibles were confiscated ?