May 28, 2008

"Darwinism cannot explain gravity"

This is a placeholder for an interview between two of the most insipid morons on the planet, Glenn Beck and Ben Stein. It aired last night, but I think what's turning up at the link at the moment are older broadcasts, but the latest will be there soon enough, I'm sure.

Stein alleges that Richard Dawkins, whom Stein interviewed for his cinematic creationist propaganda piece, Expelled, claimed to have "dumbed down" his discussion with Stein because Stein is too stupid to comprehend the bigger picture. That seems about right.

At one point in the most recent interview, Stein mocks a non-god believer for his skepticism that life continues after death yet moments later, in claiming that German doctors prescribe massive doses of barbiturates for those wishing to take their own lives (exactly what this has to do with evolutionary biology is anybody's guess), Stein says, 'What if the pill taker is just having a bad day and regrets his decision? Because by then, he's dead and it's all over.'

Don't watch any of it unless you can stand forfeiting a few dozen IQ points (which is to say, viewers who would take this pair of complete and utter ignoramuses seriously, can't).

And yes, Ben Stein actually does criticize "Darwinism" for not being able to explain gravity. Nor can it — or a fish — ride a bicycle.


Anonymous said...

My day has already been ruined by librul public radio, thankyouverymuch.

illusory tenant said...

Leviathan cleared the way for Locke and Rousseau, and by extension, the Declaration of Independence. Why does Benjamin Wiker hate America?

Anonymous said...

This is a nifty plug at Amazon:

"Benjamin Wiker has read the worst books in Western civilization so you don't have to. In this sprightly, witty, engaging survey of bad guys ranging from Marx to Hitler, Nietzsche to Betty Friedan, Professor Wiker's poison pen portraits are great critical aids to analyzing some of the worst ideas that have ever contaminated Western civilization. Professor Wiker recommends actually reading the books--but his own book is a whole lot more fun."
--THOMAS E. WOODS, JR., PH.D. author of How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Tom said...

I much prefer Lamarckism over Darwinism anyways. With enough practice Lamarckism could ride the bicycle AND explain gravity, and then pass that trait on to its offspring.

Sam Sarver said...

Creationism doesn't exactly explain gravity either. Why did God feel it necessary for us to be tied down? Why not just let us float? Or would that have wrecked the image of Genesis? To wit: "Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was floating in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid among the trees in the garden." Yeah, I suppose that would have been weird.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Darwinism doesn't explain Ben Stein or Glenn Beck, either! The fact that they're still around spewing stupidity certainly doesn't do much for the "survival of the fittest" theory.

Also, natural selection really shouldn't favor morons: Morons breed more morons, who in turn watch crap like Glenn Beck and Ben Stein..

Damn, I'm so confused!


illusory tenant said...

Unfortunately, Darwinism doesn't explain Ben Stein or Glenn Beck, either!

Well, there is gaseous exchange.