May 2, 2008

Men's locker room blog round-up

Warning: Righteously pissed-off sisters ahead

Deborah Jeane Palfrey.
So the women who worked for about $40 an hour as sex workers to some of the most powerful men in the country are dragged into court and humiliated (at one point the prosecutor even asked one woman what she did about the whole sex thing while she was menstruating). But all the men who broke the law by visiting sex workers get a pass — and, like David Vitter, get to stay in office, and get to continue fighting for “family values” policies that do harm to the very women they paid to see. — Jill
Thanks Jill, that's exactly what I was talking about.

And this, a Dana Milbank WaPo number from April 11:
Wednesday, prosecutors forced a 63-year-old retired PhD — her name, like those of other witnesses, now a matter of public record — to testify about inducing orgasms in her client; the government's lawyers had similar questions for a mother of three who worked briefly for the escort service nearly 15 years ago.
Craziest testimony you ever heard in a "money laundering" case.

Well done, federal prosecutors. For this you get a gold Starr.

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