May 26, 2008

NASA lands probe in Sudbury, Ontario

.View north from Spruce and Simcoe Sts. (NASA/Canadian Press)

Stompin' Tom Connors — Sudbury Saturday Night


Jim Bouman said...

Ah, my memories of Sudbury, Ontario.
Recently smitten, then quickly wed to Missus Waterblogged, we decided to visit my brother in upstate New York. Rather than the usual route that traversed the Tri-State, Indiana Toll Road, Ohio Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-80 North into NY, we said "Let's go up-and-over, through the Saulte Ste. Marie and across southern Ontario. We'll stop in Toronto and see those noble Canucks at the TADP. (look it up) And, off we went in a 1966 Pontiac with 150K on the meter.

Rainy weather; weary beyond describing of driving through six hours of birch forest, we even picked up a garrulous hitch-hiker, redolent of many weeks on the road un-bathed.

Then... Then... Road signs, announcing that we'd soon be entering Sudbury. It sounded like a little village in Cornwall, with a pub and a B&B and a place to ditch Mr. Stinky.

Ah, Sudbury. Sudbury, Ontario. Home of nickel mines and INCO, nickel smelters and mountains of nickel tailings and filthy air and surly residents and bad food and hillbilly music and folks who smelled a lot like our hitch-hiker.

Ah. Sudbury. Something should land on Sudbury and cause it sink, mercifully, into the resulting crater.

Anonymous said...

[Cleese]I got better...[/Cleese]

Sudbury ain't so bad anymore.

Blake said...

Seriously funny. That's my mental image of Sudbury ca. 1985. I'll take Clutch's word for it that it has gotten better.

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, alex trebek is from sudbury.

illusory tenant said...

Right you are. I thought he was from Timmins.

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