May 4, 2008

For the Conservatives

The still highly amusing after all these curmudgeonly years Robert Fulford speaks ill of Canada's former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and union boss Buzz Hargrove:

"When you hear the phrase 'Canadian values,' you know something ugly and mendacious is beginning — a speech by Paul Martin, for instance.

"But it was Martin's friend and admirer, Basil Eldon ('Buzz') Hargrove, the head of the Canadian Auto Workers, who used those words this week, in an exceptionally foolish article he contributed to the Toronto Star.

"Hargrove believes in tactical voting, and imagines himself a master of this devious art, though his record so far, in provincial and federal politics, has not reflected the canniness the work requires.

"Hargrove grew so intoxicated by his anything-to-stop-the-Tories rhetoric that he went a big step farther and recommended voting for the [separatist] Bloc Quebecois if that would help do the job. He thus aligned himself with a party that has so far kept secret whatever enthusiasm it may feel for 'Canadian values,' or even Canada.

"Hargrove has rarely sounded sillier than he did this week ..."

This is why we hate unionsRobert Fulford

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