May 25, 2008

"Insane and characteristically American"

Adam Liptak has a piece in today's NYT on judicial appointments vs. popular elections, which focuses on last month's Wisconsin travesty.
In an interview, Justice Butler said the past few months had tested his commitment to elections. "My position historically has been that there is something to be said for the public to be selecting people who are going to be making decisions about their futures," Justice Butler said.

"But people ought to be looking at judges’ ability to analyze and interpret the law, their legal training, their experience level and, most importantly, their impartiality," he continued. "They should not be making decisions based on ads filled with lies, deception, falsehood and race-baiting. The system is broken, and that robs the public of their right to be informed."
Amen, brother.

And not just the campaign ads, but virtually everything written and shouted by the most obnoxious, dissembling conservative Republicans in the State.
Judge Gableman did not respond to phone messages seeking comment.
Not surprising. If I were he, I'd lay low also. Why get up now.


Brad V said...

Gableman aside, Liptak sucked it up.

The article's underlying argument against electing judges based on a selective half comparison with international counterparts made a pretty poor showing for someone who's going to be doing the NYT's SCOTUS coverage.

illusory tenant said...

There is no putting Gableman aside. Mr. Liptak's exercise in comparative law interests me not at all.