May 5, 2008

The John McAdams Comedy Hour

I knew this was going to be entertaining as all hell.

Marquette University's in-house purveyor of double standards and false dichotomies John McAdams is on the warpath, incensed that American TV is sponsoring Bill Maher's July 24 appearance at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee (tickets go on sale today).

McAdams knee-jerkingly deploys his favorite word, "bigot," accuses Bill Maher of "hating Christians," and links to a number of professional offense-takers, including Wild Bill Donohue of something called the "Catholic League" and Donald Wildmon, a fruitcake fundamentalist preacher/censor of considerable vintage and idiocy.

Pretty much every statement Donald Wildmon and the other poor offended religious souls have lifted from Bill Maher's comic monologues can be summarized by this instructive line of Mahatma Gandhi's: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians."

Does that make Gandhi a bigot who hated Christians too?

Now this morning McAdams is appalled and outraged that a "leftie blogger" found it "encouraging" that a number of university students were ejected for demonstrating at a speaking engagement by wingnut idol David Horowitz in town last week. But only two days ago, McAdams asserted that Bill Maher's First Amendment rights would not be abridged "if people demonstrate against him."

Also this morning, in reply to a comment inspired by his already ridiculously overheated condemnations of Bill Maher, McAdams compares the comedian to the Ku Klux Klan* (yes, they of burning, terrorizing, murdering, and lynching in the name of God fame) and wonders if the commenter "has a problem" with businesses that sponsor Maher's Milwaukee appearance being "either stupid or bigoted against Christians."

But not being, you know, businesses, and seeking a competitive advantage by associating themselves with a very popular entertainer.

John McAdams is a university professor. Thankfully, not of logic.

As an added John McAdams comedy bonus, consider the following typically McAdamian addlepated and confused syllogism, deposited in Rick Esenberg's blog the other day:
I'm always amused at the leftists who complain that conservatives are "anti-science" if we believe in Intelligent Design.
The obvious response could not be resisted:
"Believing" in "intelligent design" does not necessarily lead to being "anti-science."

One may hammer away at "believing" in ID on the internets with one's 4.8GHz notebook connected to the WiFi station in the doctor's office while waiting for a flu shot developed according to evolutionary principles.

In fact, many do.
McAdams probably didn't get it anyway.
Stop asking Jim Caviezel religious questions. He just played Jesus in a movie. It's like asking a cast member of Scrubs to lance a boil. Why, if everyone on TV was really like the character he plays, no one at church would talk to me, my wife, or my eight kids. — Bill Maher, New Rules, p. 157.
* At the Klan's website, a letter "From the desk of the Imperial Kludd" begins, "Greetings to all in the Holy Name of Yahshua, Jesus Christ," and implores "white Christians to open their eyes and allow their hearing to be operational once again." But Bill Maher is the bigot.

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AutismNewsBeat said...

You have achieved perfection. Grasshopper.

illusory tenant said...

Like fish in a barrel, Sensei.

capper said...

I guess the old Perfesser just doesn't get it.

John McAdams said...

I said it would be good to "demonstrate" against Maher.

The people were ejected from the Horowitz speech for disrupting the speech.

It's clear that you not only could not teach logic, you couldn't teach reading either.

illusory tenant said...

The "leftie blogger" never said anything about finding any "disrupting" encouraging; he never mentioned the particular circumstances of the ejections at all.

He only said he was encouraged by the number of objectors to Horowitz's rant. In other words, he was encouraged by the demonstration. So who can't read?

Anonymous said...

It's clear that you not only could not teach logic, you couldn't teach reading either.

Das macht kein Mensch nicht!

Looks like someone's got themselves tied in nots.

capper said...

Reality can be a fearful thing to some. That is why they need to use artifices like semantic juggling to maintain their fragile defense mechanisms, else their minds snap once and for all. There is professional help for creatures like these, but part of the disease is the failure to recognize the problem in the first place.