May 5, 2008

A proud moment for dissembling hypocrites

Noted staunch defender of free speech John McAdams (so long as the speech at issue is personally acceptable to John McAdams, that is) now claims he's convinced an American TV executive to pull the firm's logo from Bill Maher flyers. Still boorishly and ignorantly asserting that Bill Maher "openly hates Christians," McAdams once again proves that if you lie enough about something, enough people will believe you, a dictum most recently reinforced with particularly alarming effect during the Wisconsin Supreme Court election campaign.

Now for a heartwarming little love letter.
Dear Charlie [and Johnny (supposedly)],

We regret if our advertising co-sponsorship participation of the upcoming Bill Maher concert has [supposedly] offended [John McAdams and Charlie Sykes].

It is obvious, now, to us that Mr. Maher is a very opinionated political and social humorist who can easily ruffle the feathers [supposedly] of [John McAdams and Charlie Sykes] much more so than we expected.

Because this particular show has become much more [supposedly] controversial to [John McAdams and Charlie Sykes] than ever anticipated, we have chosen to drop our sponsorship of this particular event, if it is indeed [supposedly] offending [John McAdams and Charlie Sykes].

[Yours (supposedly) offendedly,]
Wyn Becker
Vice President-Advertising
American Furniture, Electronics & Appliances
Hey, Plaisted, buy your couch somewhere else.
[David] Horowitz is a highly controversial speaker, since he says things that are considered "offensive" (supposedly) to Muslim students. — John McAdams ("quotes" his, bold mine)
Mark that: considered "offensive" (supposedly) to Muslims.

Unbelievable. Even less so than God.


Anonymous said...

if you lie enough about something, enough people will believe you

Alternative hypothesis: Develop the personality of a sacrococcygeal fistula, and people will do anything to be rid of you.

illusory tenant said...

Ye gods. Aren't those how Rush Limbaugh dodged the draft?

Anonymous said...

The military had no need for that arseboil.

Mike Plaisted said...

Indeed. I've had no use for those American pikers since they stopped giving out bikes anyway. Colders, here I come!

illusory tenant said...

that arseboil