May 10, 2008

The Weekly Real Best of the WI-Blogs

Boots & Kittens

For a long while now, one of the smartest and funniest domains on the entire Quesosphere. And you don't even have to know anything about the blog B&K is making fun of. I'm still laughing at "Guess That Geographical Location — March 17, 2008" (scroll down a bit).

You'll never find Boots & Kittens on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's "Best of the Wisconsin Blogs," but you will find, inexplicably and with disturbing regularity, the very blog that B&K is so deftly lampooning.

That fact is one of humanity's most perplexing conundrums.

A recent sample:
Dead Woman Found on Toilet


This is ridiculous superstition. After all, every good Christian (that is, the ones at my church) knows that demons are responsible only for occultic games (such as Pokemon, World of Warcrack and Ouija boards), satanic rock music, false religions such as Wicca, Islam and Unitarianism, drug use, affection for rum and Romanism in general. If you're not my kind of Christian, you're pretty much demonic. Pray and fast, pray and have faith, pray and rebuke it! Follow the logic: Send the demon(s) into a pack of wild pigs, who will then drown themselves in a nearby body of water.
"Following the logic" is a B&K leitmotif, apparently a favored device at the parodied blog. It's singularly hazardous to draw attention to one's logic, particularly when you're not actually employing any.

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Display Name said...

Gosh, iT, you made my day and guilted me into doing an update. My last was a week or so ago, as I added a bit of PHP to the footer to show the number of days since I was banned from B&S.

If logrolling is in order, I'd put you at the top of my blog's ego wall, too, if I ever had a real blog. I only have fake blogs. I may just confound everyone by starting something non-political like a foodie blog or a tech-y blog.

I promise to try to come to the big city to attend the next Drinking Right or Drinking Left, whichever comes first. I hear the babes and beers are better at DL. May 21 is on my calendar.

I was browsing Bad Astronomy yesterday and saw that there are cities that have a Drinking Skeptically! That must be where you take a sip and give a hard questioning look at the glass. I've seen that before but never knew what it was called.

I can't claim "Follow the logic" as my own. I just repeat it. Same goes for Wendy's B&K sign-off of "Off to the park!"