May 5, 2008

McGift keeps on McGiving

"Nice to watch you lefties rally around Maher. It lets us Christians know where your hearts are." — McAdams
No "leftie" Christians, apparently. Only "us" Christians. Nice.
"Deep in the hearts of all the lefties is an authoritarian who wants to shut up speech they disagree with." — McAdams
Sheeshzeus. Miss the point much?

Courtesy folkbum's comments thread.

See also: American TV conned by whiny hypocrite.

I've half a mind to give Mr. Becker a little jingle tomorrow meself. Remind him that John McAdams thinks he's "either stupid or bigoted against Christians." Time to join the club, Wyn Becker!

And speaking of comment threads, McAdams has one going where he introduces the subject of homosexuals and then when he gets called on the ridiculous comparison, McAdams chastises the commenters, 'This thread isn't about homosexuals, please stay on topic.'


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