May 28, 2008

Bill Maher Watch: Day 26

Did American TV just essentially blow (off) crazed Marquette University professor John McAdams and his low rent, medium wave enabler, Milwaukee reverberating cranium Charlie Sykes?

Yesterday afternoon I found myself playing the piano in the gymnasium at Burleigh Elementary School in Brookfield — long story — and had occasion to stop by Brookfield Square where a number of large steel and glass displays are set up, including at least one giant one advertising comedian Bill Maher's July 24 appearance at the Riverside Theatre in downtown Milwaukee.

The lead sponsor for Maher's gig is American TV, and its logo still figures prominently, featured in its distinctive lettering right next to Maher's smiling visage. You can't miss it.

As for the delightful children of Burleigh Elementary School, I have rarely seen a more considerate and well behaved collection of youngsters. Any group of educators that can get several hundred kids to gather for an assembly and sit attentively and appreciatively through 45 minutes of, in large part, unaccompanied violoncello improvisations is clearly doing something right.

And when the said cellist, Matt Turner, asked whether the kiddies had any questions about the performances or the performers, at least one-third of the little arms shot up. Excellent questions, too.

Obviously public education is working out in Brookfield so the next time Sykes starts bitching and moaning about it, tell him it's idiotic blowhards like him that are fomenting the trouble, not the dedicated teachers and administrators, and especially not the great little kids.

You tell him, because I refuse to listen to that crap. Me and the cool kids at Burleigh Elementary prefer music to pointless noise any day.


Other Side said...

Hear, hear ... and you were right around the corner from our home. I thought I sensed something.

illusory tenant said...

Really? Nice neighborhood.

Other Side said...

Well, you'd have to go back east to Burleigh Road, one block past Lilly and then 3/4 of a mile toward Capital on Fiebrantz ...

Everything around there is in the neighborhood. Burleigh Elementary may be where our little girl eventually goes to school, so I am excited at the high marks you give it.

You should come over some time.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks for the invite. You have a preschooler? I thought you were an old fart.

Other Side said...

I am 52, though I'm not sure that qualifies yet for fartyrdom. My young wife (nearly 41) and I decided to give it a try when we were married in 2005, she being without children (I have a twelve-year old boy and seven-year old girl, too).

We had started adoption proceedings when it appeared our chances were nil ... then miracle of miracles, Quin began.

I'll only be 68 when Quin reaches the age for college. That's 50ish in modern terms.

We'll find a time via email. I'll see if Mathias and his family will come, too. We're old college mates and both wrote for the UWM Post (he played Perry White and I was Jimmy Olsen).

illusory tenant said...

Sounds like a plan. And congrats on the rest, you old dawg.