May 5, 2008

Harold and Kumar go to WPRI

Sometimes, I can't decide which is funnier: John McAdams or the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a conservative "think tank" loosely based on all the other conservative "think tanks." The ones committed to selectively anecdotal outrage and moronic arguments.

Behold the latest tanking thinker, Christian Schneider, performing a risibly elitist battement tendu against the Milwaukee Public Library:
Are there homeless people without health care laying on the street, curled up in blankets, clutching a DVD copies [sic] of "Meet the Fockers?"
I don't know about Meet the Fockers or Rob Lowe's homemade porn (at least, not as much as Christian Schneider evidently does), but they may just as well be clutching Cries and Whispers, The Bicycle Thief, On The Waterfront, episode seven of Ken Burns's Baseball, or the complete string quartets of Dimitri Shostakovich.

Is there some fundamental distinction between public libraries archiving works of art that happen to be impressed on plastic discs as opposed to on paper? Of course not, which is why Schneider needs to employ absurdist intellectual/class warfare strategems by selecting the least edifying items from the MPL's collection that he can.

Two can easily play at that silly game. When's the last time you heard a liberal get all up in arms because the MPL contains the complete works of Ann Coulter (25 items) and the Limbaugh Bros., Rush and David (14 items)?* Never, that's when. Those homeless Coulterfan people are entitled to turn their brains to rot as well, you know.

I thought that's what conservatism was all about: letting them.

If Christian Schneider is so concerned about the quality of the MPL's collection, then it should stop purchasing all that utter garbage too. And I heard Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is pretty comical. Thankfully I'm not an effete, classist snob like Christian Schneider, because one of these days I'm going to check that sucker out.

Along with Sir Kenneth Clarke's Civilisation on VHS.

* One of these is Rush Limbaugh's foreword to Mark R. Levin's Men In Black, unquestionably the most mind-numbingly and insultingly stupid book ever "written" about the U.S. Supreme Court, yet I certainly don't blame the Milwaukee Public Library for inflicting it on me.

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