May 15, 2008

Patrick McReasoning

Shorter McIlheran: "The left" is ultimately blameworthy for Barack Obama's depiction as a banana-eating cartoon monkey because "the left" spent eight years comparing George Bush to a chimpanzee.

McIlheran is correct to take offense with the latter comparison, as it unjustly maligns our noble cousins, the chimpanzees.

To be sure, Kingdom Metazoa suffers as a whole when any of them is compared to a politician. Or a newspaper columnist.

Elsewhere: Obama not a sufficiently typical American.


William Tyroler said...

Our noble cousins -- exactly so, and thanks for providing the opportunity for an otherwise gratuitous link to primatologist Frans de Waal's observations about chimps and our perhaps closer-still cousins, the bonobos:

How much bonobos differ from chimpanzees was highlighted by a recent experiment in which apes were presented with a platform that they could pull close by working together. When food was placed on the platform, the bonobos clearly outperformed the chimpanzees in getting a hold of it.
The presence of food normally induces rivalry, but the bonobos engaged in sexual contact, played together, and happily shared the food side by side. The chimpanzees, in contrast, were unable to overcome their competition.

On the other hand, now that I think about it, maybe we are closer to the chimps. More the pity.

illusory tenant said...

Wise counsel, counselor.

Anonymous said...

Australopithecus obnoxiĊsus.

Also: Kanedaaa!.


illusory tenant said...


3rd Way said...

Gnarlytbone get my vote as the cheddarsphere's best commenter.

That was funny.

Anonymous said...

No, I am a five-star schmuck.

Shame on me.