May 30, 2008

Another "Reverend" goes bananas

And promptly apologizes, with condemnations and recriminations all around. What's to apologize for? Seems like fair comment to me.

Just not subtle enough, I guess:
Such a sense of entitlement and maternalism was bound to turn nuclear when an unapproved minority candidate decided to run, especially an Obama with far greater wit, savvy, and rhetorical skills than Hillary.
— some National Review character.

More lachrymosity: Bush wept.


Tom said...

It seems the campaigns spend more time condemning the opinions of people in this country more than they do anything else. Is it so they don't have to answer any real questions for the day?

This whole process is going on for far too long. Why can't we just have the whole friggin thing on one day, like the election?

Anonymous said...

South Side Story

(watch through to the end - well worth it)

illusory tenant said...

Good stuff.

Other Side said...

People need to stop apologizing for telling the truth.

capper said...

I'm sorry.

illusory tenant said...


Well, I've watched this little clip several times now (most recently on O'Reilly, along with the perpetually outraged Geraldine Ferraro) and I fail to see anything particularly objectionable about it.*

It's a comedy routine that takes place in a Chicago neighborhood where most of the right-wing outrageoisie wouldn't set foot in broad daylight.

I'm sure the only reason Pfleger recanted is because he suddenly realized how much damage might be done to Obama via the currently incessant chattering of "pundits."

* 501(c)(3) grounds, perhaps.