May 28, 2008

Uh huh.

The appropriate sanction to be imposed here is a public reprimand. Any discipline less severe than a public reprimand would not adequately convey the gravity with which this court views Judge Ziegler's violation of a bright-line rule of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Any discipline less severe would not comport with fostering public trust and confidence in the judicial system.
The only discipline less severe is no discipline at all, unless you
count a stern finger wagging around a private conference table.

In re Ziegler.


Anonymous said...

Judges feel safer today to do whatever they want; don't you think?

Wasn't there an article not to long ago about judges covering for judges? Prophetic!

illusory tenant said...

The per curiam court assumes that there exists in the first place public trust and confidence to foster. It may not be so pervasive as it thinks, especially now.