July 21, 2011

Wisconsin GOP — An instructive juxtaposition

Reports Nate Silver: Republican Governors are Leaving Voters Behind.

Meantime, notes Keesha Gaskins, senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice, the WISGOP is busy repealing language in the State statutes that recognizes their "obligation imposed by their constitutional oath of office to represent the interests of the citizens who elected them and all of the other citizens of the state of Wisconsin." Emphasis added.

The latter repeal is apparently in defense of the WISGOP's ludicrously partisan redistricting plan, which those soon-to-be-repealed "other citizens" had but a few days to examine, while the WISGOP's battalion of silk-stockinged attorneys labored over the plan for months, and which plan takes effect for an entire decade. I don't understand how anyone can not be appalled by the Fitz Van Walker regime's brazen arrogance.

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CJ said...

Maybe multinational corporations are "citizens" too.

I mean, according to the Supreme Court, they're people, right?