July 13, 2011

But fake Democrats were never on top of anything

The fakes barely emerged from their basements, were never elected to anything, didn't even campaign. So there was nothing to fall from. The Journal-Sentinel makes them sound like tragic heroes. Or dictators toppled by a populist mob in an Eastern European piazza. It's bad enough they received so much attention — although they're further evidence of WISGOP dishonesty and caprice — but what a silly headline.

If anything they rose, not fell. One of them actually received 46% of the vote. The others ranged from 30% to 36%, which under different circumstances — i.e., non-dishonest ones — would be deemed respectable showings. Some liberals are concerned about those figures but they probably shouldn't be. Sure, there's a hard core of determined conservative (whatever that means anymore) mischief-makers out there but obviously nowhere near enough to keep bona fide Democrats from their mission to wrest control of the Wisconsin Senate from Republicans, who even the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board acknowledges are in an "undeclared war on urban areas and minority voters."

The latter sounds illegal.


gnarlytrombone said...

Undeclared? Don Pridemore recites his declaration like the Apostles' Creed during his morning constitutional.

Mike said...

Yes, the fake Dem Weix got 45% to Shelly Moore's 55% up in St. Croix. There were intimations over the weekend that Weix and the Republicans were putting on a real campaign and it must have been going on for a while with some intensity to achieve these numbers.

There are two actual Republican primaries next Tuesday and Holperin is starting to campaign against one of his opponents, Kim Simac. No doubt he wants her for an opponent and his partisans have a means to make that more likely.